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Lord Palmerston’s government in August 1859 appointed a Royal Commission to consider the United Kingdom’s defences. The report published by the Commissioners in 1860, recommended a series of forts along the coast, especially at naval ports.

On the outskirts of Plymouth, a line of forts was proposed stretching from the river Tamar to the river Plym, along this line eleven forts were planned, these became known as the North Eastern Defences, of which Crownhill Fort was the largest.

The army owned this fort and occupied it continuously until it was sold to Landmark Trust in 1987, even though the fort was in good repair, having been maintained by the military, the decision was taken to return the décor of the fort, as near as possible, to its Victorian glory.

Over the following 10 years employees of the fort and volunteers from the Palmerston Forts Society worked tirelessly to achieve this aim.

Main Gate with a Guard of Honour

View over the Main Gate:

Showing the Officers Quarters
and in the background, the Parade Ground and Barracks.

Above & below

Two views of the Victorian Barracks.

The Officers Quarters became a holiday let.

Other rooms and buildings were converted into offices and workshops.

Officers Quarters:
Part of which is a Holiday Apartment