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About 2001 a service record was discovered of someone who had enlisted at the Fort, this was stamped with No1 Depot Company, the Gun Detachment now had a name.

No1 Depot Company represents the men of the Garrison Artillery that would have manned fortifications throughout Great Britain and the British Empire during the Victorian period.

Fortifications such as Pendennis Castle in Cornwall: Dartmouth Castle, Devon and farther east Fort Nelson in Portsmouth.  All along the south coast there were forts such as these.

At the beginning of December 2002 members of the group voted to take on Events at other venues, but continue to support events at the Fort as and when required.

We no longer perform at the Fort, but wish them well for any future Events they hold.

No1 Depot Company

John Symons

64 pr Rifled Muzzle Loading Cannon: Dartmouth Castle