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2pr Field Piece

Each December, management of Crownhill Fort would organize a Christmas meal for members of staff and the Gun Detachment, also invited were management of Landmark Trust.  These events were held in the Victorian Barrack Room, duly decorated, in Victorian style for Christmas.

It was near the end of the evening at the Christmas dinner of 2001, we were requested to remain in the barrack room until further notice, after a short period of time the guests were then invited to proceed outside.

 Everybody stood around patiently wondering what was going to happen.

In the darkness of the parade ground a flame flickered, across the parade slowly snaked a burning trail, on it went, 5 feet, 10 feet, we all waited wondering what would happen next, changing direction it started to climb upward, the flame eventually reached its intended target, a flame shot up into the dark night sky followed a loud explosion and a flame which appeared to travel across the parade.

Amid great interest, especially from the Gun Detachment, this was the unveiling of the latest edition to the Forts collection of artillery .